Best Bookkeeping and Accountancy Services in Singapore

In Singapore, it is very important to comply with tax laws with quality accounting services. The directors of the company are responsible for keeping correct accounting records. For this reason, we always recommend outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping in Singapore to experienced agencies. By outsourcing the accounting to your service provider, you know that correct accounting records are professionally kept so that your business or organization can be confident that it will reduce overhead costs. They at Kochrina are the best bookkeeping company Singapore and offer more than just accounting services.

Services and features

Kochrina has years of experience in their field. They are the best in business as they provide services such as-

  • Annual, quarterly, and monthly invoices
  • Accounting, including creating an administrative account
  • Creating an audit program
  • Year-end relationship with external auditors and tax authorities

Visa service Singapore

The Singapore government offers different types of visas. All foreigners wishing to work in Singapore must have a valid passport, commonly known as a work visa, before working. If you are hiring foreigners to work in Singapore, make sure they have a valid passport. The employer must apply for a work visa from the Ministry of Manpower “MOM” to hire a foreign worker. MOM will review the application and make decisions based on business opportunities, education, work experience, salary, citizenship of employees, etc.

  • EMPLOYMENT PASS (EP)- EP enables foreign professionals and managers to work in Singapore. EP candidates must earn at least $3,900 per month to qualify. At the same time, the compensation standard for advanced and experienced candidates for EP will be raised. Applications for participation in the EP program can only be submitted after the company has been established. You do not need to be physically present when applying in Singapore.
  • S PASS (SP)- The SP allows skilled and medium-level workers to work in Singapore. SP candidates must earn a minimum of $2,400 per month and possess appropriate qualifications and work experience.
  • DEPENDANT’S PASS (DP)- DP visas allow EP or SP holders’ spouses and children legally married spouses or unmarried children under the age of 21 to become members of Singapore. The applicant must prove the relationship. 

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Whether you’re looking for an S-pass, employee pass, or work path, the app has the expertise to support you. If you need a Singapore visa service or looking for a bookkeeping company Singapore and accountancy services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them now.