The need for the end user to derive benefits with the use of cloud services and provide good business to the vendor as well. Using iSeries cloud services will help you cut costs and time as well. The server can be ready on a couple of days. Wherein the vendor can test and get assured that migrating all the systems will be well in place.

How it is better

The facility is secure and compliant enough. It has data centres gated monitored as well staffed which monitor the activities throughout. There is no loss of service as there is high availability and give failover protection during downtime events that may occur. The user can scale up any time and the user need not justify the space they are making use of and need make use of it right away. There is a monthly contract that the user can abide by. There won’t be any set up fees which usually come as hidden fees by other vendors. Making use of iSeries cloud services.

There is the good back up recovery service as good developed media service which the end user can make use of, developer kits, source solutions along with performance tools, query for i, portable utilities are provided to the user as pre-installed software. The systems are always up to date. You would have to know that how complex the user needs are when installing. How much CPW, RAM or disk space is your requirement as well as knowing that the smallest machines have slow  i runs on the navigator. The virtual tape library backup have to be selected, the kind of cumulative installation that is needed. for protection which firewall and VPN is used. This description is given the base package.

iSeries cloud services

If it is a browser-based access, the user will be able to have full control. They can also lockdown communication with others and only communicate with host server form the provided IP address. It is well known that using iSeries there are lot of benefits that can be seen such as

  • The services can be scaled, the needs can be made to fit and the applications can be customised as per requirements.
  • There is good amount of efficiency is involved as the costs haven’t have to be the reason to worry about.
  • The best innovative technology is provided to you without the actual infrastructure costs.
  • It can take up fluctuatingworkloads that can occur.
  • There are all kinds of storage options right from private, public and hybrid.
  • The organisation can also determine the amount of control they want to have service options, service in the form of platform or  the services in the form of infrastructure.
  • The tool selection can selected from the menu which are default with features for building solutions for the needs specified.
  • They can make use of the security features which you have virtual private cloud kind of encryption and special API keys to keep data secure.
  • There is good accessibility from any internet connected device that is in usage.
  • There is an increased speed of delivery and you can get your applications faster to the market.
  • There is not threat of data loss.

Finally we can say there will savings on the equipment by using these remote services.