Important Elements of Website Design

If you are a business owner, you will know that there are some proper elements for designing a website. It is required for getting better customers and clients to your business but do you know what separates a bad one from a good website? There are certain qualities that a good website seems to need.

  1. Navigation

The website design should be such as it is easy to navigate with menu items from multiple pages. The viewer should know exactly where are the menus to be used and a site map is a great idea when the website will be put to use. Many websites can be improved in this part only and there is only a fine line between an attractive menu and also a bad one.

  1. Better content

This seems to be the backbone because content not only plays a better role in SEO but also many visitors are seeking good websites only by looking at the contents. The text should be an informative one with a good tone of language. It should be easy and precise making your website shine among the rest.

  1. Branding purpose

The website of your business is a direct representative of your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Your customers should be able to make a visual connection between the print materials and logos along with the locations. Having a website not just contributes to the memorability of the branding but also adds a level of credibility to the same.

  1. Web-friendly design

No matter how informative your design is, but it will be worthless if it is not web-friendly. The web designers should know about the keys to making the website work properly by utilizing the meta tags and all tags that are fully versed in SEO. Many factors like visual appearance and engine replacement are to ensure that the designers come to know about the stuff.

  1. Having the turnaround time

Many complaints given by the clients are that the website is very slow with a long turnaround time. A firm taking more turnaround time is usually not invited to be part of the website team. The more time it takes the more it will be hampering the business. So, whenever you are planning on web design, see to it that the turnaround time is less.

  1. Interactive

An effective website engages all the visitors instantly and it can be seen on every page holding the website. This is termed as conversion and this is the ultimate goal of the website. The interaction should be such that it doesn’t turn into arrogance.


These are some of the basic elements of the website. Look after it and make a great website!