Should you switch to unlimited plans?

If you’re someone who is constantly checking their mobile phone every waking hour and even in the middle of the night, then switching to an unlimited postpaid plan may just be the way to go.

But before you head on down to the nearest Airtel store to pick a new plan, you may want to learn a little more about the various unlimited postpaid plans offered on Airtel’s myplan Infinity.

Choosing the right plan is more a matter of understanding your requirements than merely studying how much it will cost you per month. Different unlimited postpaid plans come with different levels of data, and offer unlimited call/text packages. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook or watching YouTube videos, go for a plan that offers you plenty of data. Also, remember that mostunlimited plans come with additional inclusions such as exclusive offers on products or entertainment, but don’t simply be swayed by these offers. Make sure that you choose a plan depending on your usage and your lifestyle.

It is also important to pay attention to cost, particularly if you don’t want to splurge too much. So, pick a plan that ensures you’re getting the most for your money, while still being able to enjoy the perks of switching to an unlimited plan.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you may want to move to unlimited postpaid plans.

* All calling is free and unlimited:  All Airtel’s best selling postpaid plans offer consumers free unlimited local and STD calls. In addition to this, all outgoing roaming calls are also unlimited. So even if you choose to go for the Rs.399 plan, which is the cheapest, you will still be able to avail of these services for free.

* Perfect for frequent travellers: If your job requires you to travel the length and breadth of the country, then unlimited postpaid plans will work in your favour. This is because you will be able to contactyour colleagues and loved ones for free as well as be able to enjoy Airtel’s free roaming facility. For example, the Rs.499 unlimited postpaid plan lets you call for free and also watch your favourite movies and TVor sport shows through a one-year free subscription with Amazon prime.

* Allows for data usage: All Airtel unlimited postpaid plans offer customers 3G/4G data. How you choose the perfect plan for you or your family would depend of your data consumption. For example, if you do not spend too much time surfing the web or watching videos, then the Rs 399 plan is perfect for you. But if you are someone who is constantly online, then perhaps the Rs. 799 plan or Rs 1,199 is a better fit.

Airtel’s unlimited postpaid plans offer a wide range of benefits from unlimited callingto data rollover. They also offer Wynk music, Live TV and movies, handset damage protectionandone-year Amazon Prime Subscription. So, if you are looking for a good plan and value for money, Airtel is your go-to service provider.