Water management solutions

When ever the local water source is insufficient or inconsistent, a large supply of water will need to be maintained on site in the event of a fire. Fire tanks are intended to provide a reliable repository for the water for the fire protection system.

Depending on the application and location there are several different versions of a Fire Tank.

Fire Tanks for Commercial Use

These Commercial Fire Tanks can be made to suit any property that is required to have dedicated fire tanks for hydrants and/or sprinklers.

The corrugated commercial fire tanks are built tough with zincalume steel and are available in the full range of colours. There are tanks ranging  from 26,000 litres up to 2.3 million litres.

They are manufactured to make sure that the fire reserve is readily available whenever  needed.

Fire Tanks for Unexpected Fire

The water tanks can be fitted with an outlet and coupling suited to state and local regulations. A Rural standard Tank will have the domestic supply outlet raised to ensure the water reserve for firefighting is maintained in the tank.

Asset Protection And Firefighting

The fire tanks come with all the compliant fire tank signage, level indicators, anti-vortex outlets and other relevant nozzles.

There are suitably sized fire tank as a dedicated static water supply for asset protection or firefighting tanks for new homes with a bushfire overlay for rural properties.


 The commercial water tanks are available in a variety of standard sizes, or can be custom designed to meet specific customer or project requirements.

Numerous sizes are available, specifically tailored for all the water storage needs.Tuned damper tanks, square tanks and round tanks are the three most common variants.

The commercial tank’s standard range  is available in 5 height specifications.

Depending upon the size of the tank, the roof will be flat or up to a pitch  of 5 degrees. The roof of the round tanks are self supporting. Typically the flat slab  is at least 1000 mm larger than the tank dimensions.

Bolted tanks

These are extremely versatile and can be used in many commercial, industrial, residential, municipal and rural applications. They provide a durable, leak-free storage solution that is quick to install, easy to maintain and an economical alternative to other tank designs.

They may be assembled from a variety of materials, such as powder-coated, galvanized or stainless steel, and they are available in a wide range of dimensions that allow them to be customized to fit a project’s specific requirements.


  • Water for fire suppression and emergency services.
  • Non-potable water for irrigation or manufacturing purposes.
  • Waste for manufacturing plants, cleaning purposes or water treatment.


The Bolted steel tanks require about one third the installation time of a welded tank, reducing labor costs and allowing the tank to be put into service faster.

The Bolted steel tanks are shipped disassembled, reducing shipping volume and costs.

They can often be expanded to meet increased storage requirements, without the costs associated with adding a second tank.