What is the EPC Register?

The EPC Record is the UK Energy Efficiency Certification Register (EPC), submitted for real estate in the UK. EPC is required for the sale, delivery, conversion or construction of facilities in the United Kingdom. EPC registration is available on the Internetand allows interested parties to locate and download EPCs published on the site, view EPC statistics and other functions related to energy and energy efficiency assessment.


The Energy Efficiency Certificate includes information on the assessment of energy efficiency of property, expected energy consumption, fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions. He assesses the energy characteristics of the property, and also recommends measures that can be taken to improve the rating. Very often, these improvements also reduce operating costs for the home.

EPC was first introduced in 2007 in England and Wales for real estate with four or more rooms and was originally part of the Home Information Pack (HIP). They were created as a result of the European Union directive on energy-efficient properties. Now they are required for small properties. In 2010, the HIP requirement was eliminated, but the EPC is still necessary.

The EPC registration allows everyone to see the energy characteristics of an object that can be useful for comparing the energy efficiency of your home with the energy consumption of other people in the same area.

EPC register

Without participation

You can refuse to register if you do not want other people to see the EPC. This option is available on the  site, which displays a link that allows you to select or reject. Then the form in which you enter information such as your name and e-mail address, the RRN EPC, the postal code of this property and your relationship to the property (for example, the owner) is displayed. When you give up energy efficiency, it is still on record, but other people will not be able to see the details.

Energy experts

The EPC register also includes a database of registered and accredited energy experts, so you can find an energy consultant near you or check whether the expert is accredited. An energy expert checks the existing properties of energy efficiency and identifies possible improvements. They also prepare SAP EPC for new buildings using state software.

Advisor to EPC

The role of the EPC register consultant allows you to find out how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce the cost of electricity by using a tool for consultants. You must have an existing EPC on your site so you can use this function, and you will need your report reference number (RRN). The EA allows you to select from the list of possible modifications and see what effect the changes in the cost of doing this property will have. You can also download a PDF report of the proposals and their calculated effects.