3 Key Considerations When Choosing a Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer

The success of your natural health supplements business is greatly affected by the manufacturer of the wholesale supplement entrusted to produce, test and package your products. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider how your manufacturer fares on the following key parameters.

Quality Assurance

Is the manufacturer GMP-certified? Are they known for adherence to stringent quality control?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification indicates that production is done under strict quality control and consistent procedures that help eliminate risks. To ensure that your product line will have no quality issues in the long run, choosing a GMP-certified manufacturing facility is extremely important.

Check that the manufacturer employs verified manufacturing practices that insure uncompromising quality on the production floor as well as at each stage of the supply chain. GMP certification is proof that the manufacturer is capable of producing premium-quality nutraceuticals and natural products, which is crucial for your brand to earn the approval of today’s quality-conscious consumer.

Overall Experience

What is the overall experience of the manufacturer you’re considering in terms of years in business and the range of clients served?

Inarguably, the more experienced a wholesale supplements manufacturer, greater the assurance that your products are in safe hands. A seasoned supplements production business will know the in and out of the process and is likely to have more experienced technicians and wellness scientists on board. Further, a manufacturing facility that serves various types of customers—retailers, e-sellers, MLMs, etc.—will undoubtedly have had diverse experience of the challenges of the nutrition supplements market.


Does the manufacturer have the in-house capabilities to customize formulations for your unique product line? What is their usual turnaround for each stage of the process, from materials sourcing to delivery?

Employing a nutraceuticals manufacturer that can offer a comprehensive package of services will ensure that you are free to devote your valuable time and resources to other key aspects of your business, such as marketing.

Choose a high-volume manufacturer that can offer a customized turnkey solution that includes the whole gamut of services you’ll need, including formulation, production, testing, packaging, labeling, warehousing, transportation and distribution of products.

One such leading supplement manufacturer and turnkey solutions provider are Biovation Labs, which has emerged as a trusted name in end-to-end supplement solutions, right from product formulation to warehousing and delivery.

Manufacturing high-quality supplements under stringent quality control is a core competency of supplement manufacturers; however, it is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the ever-expanding health supplements market. And that is why companies like Biovation are rooting to serve as one-stop-shops for supplement retailers, e-sellers and MLMs.

To conclude, most of your end customers won’t care about where the product was manufactured and they would have no way to figure what really happened during the production process. They would buy the product based on the trust that you build your brand through marketing and brand positioning. Therefore, supplement sellers who aspire to gain a fair share of the burgeoning natural supplements market should place quality assurance above everything else.