Advantages of Transporting Goods Via Sea Freight

There are numerous ways to move and transport products across the globe, but one stands out above the rest, sea freight. Although there are faster ways to make deliveries, more than 85% of the worlds commercial products are still carried by container ships and other vessels. There are several benefits associated with using sea freight, here are some the main ones.

Transporting Goods Via Sea Freight

It is cheaper than other transport options >This industry has the most competitive rates in comparison to other transport industries, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to move goods, especially if you are transporting large consignments. If your company regularly delivers substantial packages,then sea freight is the best option for you. By sending massive consignments, as opposed to several smaller ones, you save a lot more money on transport costs. And unlike postal services, you aren’t always charged per weight. Furthermore, it is an excellent way of sending goods if your receivers don’t require an urgent delivery, you can send a substantial number of pallets by sea without having to worry too much about the cost.

There is no better way of transporting huge volumes of consignments – When it comes to size, nothing beats the container ships which transport cargo around the globe. So, if your business moves large amounts of products around the world, your best option is without a doubt by sea. The size difference between container ships and airplanes or trucks is substantial, you can transport much more if you pack your cargo onto a transport vessel. Choosing to use sea freight is easier when trying to move hazardous or dangerous material, there are numerous regulations in place which ensure ships are well equipped to carry sensitive material.

It is one of the safest modes of transport – According to studies commissioned by multinational companies, sea freight continues to get safer and safer, for the last 5 years the percentage of ships lost at sea have continued to decrease, meaning more and more stock reaches its destination. Choosing to transport goods via ships means you don’t have to worry about accidents as much as other modes of transport. Trucks or vans have a much higher risk of being involved in crashes in comparison to ships. Even if your transport vehicle hasn’t been involved in an accident, it could easily suffer from long delays if it was travelling on a motorway where a major incident occurred. Your delivery truck could be sitting on the side of the road for hours stuck in traffic. If you’re a company who guarantees deliveries, then it is advisable to use the safest mode of transport available to you, sea freight very rarely gets delayed and container ships never get stuck in traffic.

Sea freight is a great way to transport large consignments across the globe, although it is a lot slower than an airplane, it still has several advantages, it also suits companies whose deliveries aren’t time sensitive. Transporting goods by sea is perfect for huge cargo, container ships can accommodate all kinds of merchandise.