1.    introduction

If you want to register your business in Hong Kong Q should have it permanent commercial address which was registered. then only it would be beneficial for you and also if you move to various other places you should inform them Hong Kong registry that is companies registry before 15 days. if you fail to do so then they will impose penalty for that that is $1000 per day. So it is always best to inform 15 days prayer to the registry so they won’t charge any kind of penalty for you, if you’re looking for the best Commercial address provider for your business visit the site Get Started HK where they provide permanent address so that we can do business freely without any kind of legal issues by following all the norms of the Hong Kong companies registry.

Get Started HK


2.     what are the rules to be followed In order to do business in Hong Kong

  • the first and foremost thing is if you want to do business in Hong Kong and if you are coming from abroad then you should register your place with Hong Kong companies registry then only you can start doing business in Hong Kong. if you are looking for the best permanent address provided for your company which you are going to establish then visit the site Hong Kong incorporation where they provide you best commercial address within no time
  • If you don’t do so then a lot of legal issues arise is an moreover the Hong Kong company registry will impose a lot of penalties and you have to bear that and at the same time they will insist you to get regd and have a permanent address
  • if you have a permanent address then it would be very beneficial and at the same time They provide virtual address services so that if you want to do business in central Hong Kong then visit their site and there are professionals who will assist you throughout the procedure from the start to the end
  • if you want to create a best image of your business to your customers then you should always have it register address in the central Hong Kong then only you can create a best image and at the same time if you create best image in your client’s mind then ultimately the success follows annual earn profits within a short .