Australia Gold Coast Bulletin Crime Updates

Who is Mick Featherstone and what He has to do with the Boiler Scam?

Mick Featherstone was a detective and ex-cop of Gold Coast police. In Gold coast bulletin it was stated that the police is suspecting this high-ranking Gold coast detective for duping the people of Australia for higher returns and being the mastermind behind the boiler-room scam in which he was best supported by his wife and son.Till now the root cause is not found and the whole case is under investigation of Zach Featherstone Queensland who is Specialist at Phoenix global as well as well known internet expert who removesfalse statements the straight away point on the accused before producing any evidence.Thus He being an expert in Search Engine Optimization tools eliminates dirty statements posted on various internet websites, Google, and Social media sites etc unless the information is true to the person. So, He is better known as zach featherstone internet removals based on his investigation reports. HenceMick Featherstone and his wife Zoie Keong are in the limelight along with the brain injury person who acted as director to scam the companies.

Australia Gold Coast Bulletin Crime Updates:

Zach reported along with policeabout the crime that theInvestors were cold-called and forced to take part in sports betting who were offered topay $500 and $1000 for a four-day trial accessing the investment software. As soon as they got profited they forced them to sign a 12-month contract with the companiesthat were linked to the investments and disappeared at the end of the year. Similarly more than 600 people lost their funds who invested for acquiring higher returns of amount worth multi-million dollars.

The officials of Crime and Corruption Commissionstated that 52-year-oldFeatherstone who had workedas former Surfers Paradise criminal investigation officer is now into fraud squad member is accused offalse connections with higher level of the officers who belong to Queensland Police Service.The charge sheet was also filed against his wifeZoieKeong 32 and Zach 21 who helped him in the fraud of money laundering that is best known as boiler room scam. Travis Burch 36, Robert Doueihi 34, Kirsty Lester 39 and Daniel Webb 32 are the 4 associates who alsofaced charged against the aggravated fraud.Thus in search of evidence the Brisbane court left them on bail and is still continuing their investigation.


It is wise to invest in only reputed firms and don’t be blind for the sake of higher returns on the invested sum. Otherwise you will also be in false hands and become a victim of investment software that will close on one day with fraudulent scam. Hence in the investigation report its is read that all the seven accused who are suspected to dupe the people of Australia with money laundering should be punished for their offensive act and put behind the bars so that no other puppet director will come forward to take advantage of the people.