Bid A Proper Farewell To Your Loved One-Garden Of Peace

We all have our near dear ones, and bidding them a proper farewell is our utmost responsibility. Although we have many things to keep in mind, like conserving the environment, this garden of peace was constructed in the country of Singapore.

What garden of peace does the name symbolize?

The Garden of peace was built for cremation purposes, and its name signifies peace and harmony for the souls of our loved ones. Earlier it was called Choa Chu Kang cemetery, but later it was renamed to create an atmosphere of privacy and serenity.

How is the garden of peace constructed?

The garden is constructed in such a way that there are separate lanes built with a bed of pebbles, allowing the scattered ash for easy percolation into the deep soil. The garden also has seating arrangements and is wheelchair accessible so families can gather quickly and participate in the cremation service.

garden of peace

Restriction in the garden

The national environment agency made clear that there will be no rituals performed; the burning of sticks or food offerings and playing of music is strictly prohibited for maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance of the environment.

Options for ash scattering

The only option left for ash scattering is to do it at the sea as you can send off your loved ones through the sea peacefully.

Why is this concept accepted?

Many people have an orthodox concept that cemeteries are haunted and creepy. Still, this garden is a whole new concept, as greenery will help the family members overcome the sorrow of their losses.

Features of the garden

  • Seats will be installed along the walkways.
  • A separate area will be created for the families to gather.
  • Ash scattering beds are constructed for proper percolation.
  • A green environment is maintained
  • Helpful in sustainable development

Procedure for conducting ash scattering

  1. Apply online through the official portal.
  2. Get ready documents asked in the application.
  3. After payment, you will receive the appointment slip for a successful application. Carry the slip with your cremated remains to the collection center.
  4. Either use your canister or use what is available at the center.
  5. Prayer facilities are also prepared; if you wish, you can proceed with the prayers outside the garden.
  6. After this, you can proceed to the scattering plane and scatter the ashes onto the stones.