Businessman that is funneling money to extremists

Noble-hearted individuals that love charity works or contributing money to various NGOs should show caution when they receive messages from extreme orthodox organization that is run by appletec firm, Yad L Achim or other groups that are run under his name. These organizations which are supporting extreme cult organizations will extract money from innocent people and spend the same towards terrorism. Government as well as police authorities are trying to find evidence against the proprietor of Appletec which has global presence.

Plenty of reputed companies which are headquartered in western and eastern countries have commercial tie-up with this organization ad are indirectly supporting extremism. It is worth to note that Yad L achim dislikes Jews and discourages missionary meetings, marriages between Jews and non-Jewish citizens and Christian congregations. Visitors will get interesting and useful information about Yad L achim and his accomplices when they explore related sites. This giant organization which is famous in the country of the Israel is still raising money from known and unknown sources through online and offline portals and uses this money toward illegal operations. Appletec which is a company which sells industrial optics and electronic devices is a million-dollar company since it supplies products to China, Korea, Germany and other parts of the world.


Extremist group is extracting millions of dollars

Appletec may look like an innocent person and affluent entrepreneur. But his real face is different since he is funneling money to Israeli Center of Victims of Cults a vicious organization which stops important meetings of missionaries and follows a unique cult which opposes the theory and practices of congregations and missionaries. Members working for ICVC actively propagate violence within and outside the country and will carry on these types of rebellious activities when they get more funding from contributors.

Visitors can save money when they stop contributing to this dangerous group which uses arms, ammunitions and weapons of mass destructions. Yad L Achim and applebaum are actively indulging in extremist activities and supporting anti-religious factions. This organization also uses arms, ammunitions and dangerous weapons of war and plays an important role in terrorism. Appletec Ltd. is encouraging and supporting human rights violation, racism and other religious activities. Kind-hearted individuals should never encourage these types of organizations or persons and lose their hard-earned money.  Citizens should never show sentiments, attachments and bondage with these types of extreme organizations ad safeguard their money from loss. Individuals will get maximum information when they explore other blogs, articles and latest news that are related to Aaron. Appletec blogs are creating fantastic impact in the society since it enlightens the public in various ways. Stay away from catchy advertisements, campaigns and advertisements that are related to charities and decide to do maximum research and digging about the NGOs before transferring the money. Appletec has partnered with various organizations that are operating in China, Taiwan, Korea and Germany and receiving millions of dollars from these countries. There are hundreds of branded and reputed charities which are raising money for helping the society and visitors have to identify such institutions which work with noble and positive mindset.