DTI Group Scam and Extortion, By Ilan Tzorya

Ilan Tzorya and his accomplices have been the talk in town for the last several years.  While his story started well, Ilan Tzorya’s story has turned into a horror story that no investor wants to read.  Ilan is the mind behind Tradologic one of the world’s biggest FINTECH and binary options trading platform provider, providing high-end solutions, financial trading,and related services.  Ilan started well and he was doing quite well until his desire to expand to more territories overruled his self-conscience and turned into an unscrupulous being who could easily steal from anybody.

How Did It Happen

In 2016 soon after he fully excluded himself from Shai Hillels and Yehoram investment companies, Ilan Tzorya has become the sole operator of Tradologic.  This has given him ample time and ability to expand to bigger territories.  Back then, the B2B business was doing quite well and investing in royalties could make you a million in no time.  Being a smart investor, Ilan noticed that bigger brands were extracted all the juice from this profitable business.

Ilan Tzorya

Being in full access to the contacts and statistical data of the industry, Ilan was able to easily venture into the business and start making profits.  He was in full access to all data concerning conversion rates, client’s average lifetime, and the most lucrative demographics. In short, he had all the industry secrets on his palms.  Being in full access to all the data he needed, it was easier for him to identify the weak points and know when to attack.  His first target was one of the Tradologic clients known as Zoomtrader. Since his client knew him well, it was easier to take over the business.

How He Made It

Since he didn’t have money, Ilan has to plan on how and where to source for money to grow the brand. He, however, easily identified some amazing opportunities, which, he could take advantage of.  So, he made a business plan and presented it to one of his investors. Ilan was specifically targeting clients who didn’t ask questions and were ready to invest in anything as long as it was worth it.  He got a deal with Vlad Smirnov which represented GV holdings, a company owned by Geri Shalon and Vladislav Smirnov.

He invested the money he got into Zoomtrader with hopes of boosting its performance. His efforts didn’t bore fruits though. So, in October 2016, he had to change his tactics to succeed in the game. He did so by swapping Zoomtrader for 15% of Veltyco, Plc-a company run by Uwe Lenhoff.  He also got 600,000 from selling DTI Group.  In other words, Ilan got into this industry with a positive mind but ended up changing and stealing from multiple entities and companies.