In Indonesia, shipping services are accessible in all forms and sizes. Renowned companies offer cost-effective services in and around Java, Jakarta, and Indonesia. These door-to-door services are provided for large and medium-sized goods and small parcel deliveries. Most of the time, shipping companies have large chains and networks throughout the country. They provide services through different plans. Customers can go to their sites and view these plans. They can choose the plan that best suits their business shipping goals. The company’s customer support and call center are available 24/7.

It’s rarely recommended to select a shipping service randomly. Every customer should know the details of the service they are availing of. When you choose a shipping service, there is importance to the fact that the service company knows where the customers are located. They should be aware of the type of products they would be handling. You can also explore your chosen shipping company’s competitors and see if they provide better service.

In a shipping service business, delivery speed is the main characteristic factor. The company can provide all the customer support, but the whole business goes down the drain if its delivery speed is slow. You, as a customer, can pay a premium shipping service fee, but with companies that require a transit of goods in a large amount, no business would prefer paying a premium fee. Business clients mostly need high-quality, well-maintained, fast-speed, and cheap transit service.

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Shipping companies, on average, make custom shipping plans for businesses when they receive clients asking for the transit of large quantities of goods.

Many shipping companies in Indonesia offer a wide range of shipping services. While shipping range is a critical factor for any postage business, it has already been tackled very well by Indonesia’s finest transit-providing companies. They also offer a trusted international network and overseas transport.

Now let’s look into one recommended shipping company in the Indonesian market and how it handles its shipping business:


Along with fast shipping and cost-effecting service, one standout feature of Sicepat Jakarta is its vast branch network. The company is known for its on-time service. Sicepat offers cheaper rates and provides service of transport of 10 to 70 kg or more goods within 2-3 days estimated time of arrival.

Their services are offered in different plans, namely Siuntung, Best, and Halu. Sicepat Jakarta’s cargo or freight forwarding service GOKIL starts at 10 kg charging a minimum charge, and offers service to all big cities in Indonesia. They also provide H3LO shipping service with 1-3 days ETA. Check their website for more such plans.