Explain the importance of Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture (งานวิจัยเกษตรยั่งยืน) is addressing to meet the requirement of human society in view of food and also textile needs. But the beauty in this is without compromising the sources this will be achieved.  Ultimately without disturbing nature and waiting for the source the needs should be compromised. Fine sustainable means in what way? Actually, sustainability has many dimensions such as Environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Environmental Sustainable

If we look at environmental sustainability then the following farming activities will be included.

  • First, need to maintain the land soil properly where the farmers need to make their soil healthy and should prevent erosion.
  • Next for farming the water facility and supply is more important and the farmers need to manage that properly to use it for the maximum number of days.
  • In farming, there are many factors that will affect the outcome where in that air and water pollution plays a major role. Hence the farmer needs to reduce the pollution that exists in the air and also in the water in any way. Because the chances of incorporation of those pollutants into the farming product will be and that may affect the human health condition.
  • Biodiversity is another one that should be promoted wisely.

The Sustainable Agriculture Ecosystem - Hackster.io

Social and Economic Sustainable

Making pure and beast products are not only the expectation but the profitable outcome is also. So farming needs to be designed and managed accordingly to get profitable and should contribute to the economy. It is well known that agriculture is the major source of economy for most countries.  Proper and profitable farming will definitely support the next generation and will provide benefits to the workers. Social and economic sustainability may promote justice and also racial equity. When all these things are achieved then cultivating healthy food will be easy.

To achieve this sustainability agriculture need certain practices and further here let us see some of them briefly.

  • Crop Diversity: Actually in agriculture practices crop diversity has a huge impact. Instead of planting and cultivating one crop planting a variety of crops will always benefit the farmers and also the crops. Through this can attain pest control and healthier soil.
  • Integration of Crops and livestock: Having livestock and feeding them alone is one of the challenging processes but this can be overcome easily by integrating livestock with crop cultivation. This approach will make them profitable. Smart integrated farming will always be efficient in the agriculture field.