Funeral Services For Your Loved One’s Wake In Singapore

Understandably, seeing your loved one’s wake can be so much pain. Things will not be easy going. You will be considering the funeral rites and customs of your family. Arranging the funeral of your loved one’s wake can never be easy, especially if it is someone very close to you. But, no matter which religion you belong to, Casket Fairprice eliminates your burden for the funeral settings.

No matter the type of funeral services you may need in Singapore, Casket Fairprice is sure to find the right solution for you.

Buddhist Funeral packages

If you belong to a Buddhist family, funeral rites and customs are practiced in this sorrowful time. Casket Fairprice understands the differences of every rite and custom that a person has. Thus, they offer different funeral packages, including Buddhist funerals.

What does this funeral package have to offer? It includes the funeral parlor and everything, such as the funeral decorations, set of Buddha’s fruit offerings, Buddhist prayer service, and more.

As a Buddhist, you know what are the important things that must be prepared in a Buddhist funeral, which you can specify to them if you have extras, out from the package they offer – they respect that.

Christian funeral package

There are no complicated specifications when it comes to a Christian funeral. Christian funeral and memorial services are done according to traditions and customs following the Christian faith. The deceased might leave important information to the family to fulfill, such as burial wishes or cremation.

The Christian funeral package caters to these wishes. Either burial or cremation is offered by Casket Fairprice. But, some families don’t believe in it yet as Christians. However, the team respects the decision of the family. Service prayers are also included in the funeral package, which means that the family has nothing to do up to the last days of their late loved one’s wake.

Funeral procession service

Yes, the funeral procession is an inclusion of all the funeral packages offered. Casket Fairprice makes sure that the wake of your late loved one will be transported safely by a professional funeral driver. You can be sure that the funeral procession goes smoothly.

One more thing about Casket Fairprice is the excellent package deal that will leave you no headache from the first day up to the last day of burial. There are more funeral packages are offered, for you to check out the best funeral services in Singapore.