How can Redcom help you in developing your architectural plans?

The importance of planning cannot be overstated. When it comes to creating architectural blueprints, carrying out construction, and all steps in between, REDCOM may be your partner. Their approach is highly collaborative, totally open, and tailored to each client separately. They can aid in the planning process whether or not you have a specific institution in mind. In order to ensure that we start your project on a solid foundation, REDCOM can help you choose a site that meets your demands and undertake both an initial site inspection and a feasibility study. Maybe you’re looking for a facility but are having trouble finding the ideal fit. redcom will do a programming analysis to ascertain your organization’s current state and anticipated future requirements. To optimise your return on investment, they want to make sure you enter the market as an informed consumer. REDCOM offers a wide network of reliable contacts in the geographic and specialised real estate brokerage fields. They will work together to bring you exactly what you require! During the sales process, they will give our clients a feasibility analysis that covers the four crucial factors for a certain property: zoning, timing, cost, and size. This course of action must be clearly planned out in advance in order to prevent unpleasant shocks.


Any level of design:

Your project occasionally needs a little extra energy. At REDCOM, they have a strong reputation for providing their clients with outstanding architectural and interior design. They can put your ideas on paper whether you’re looking for design services that can be completed separately or merged with the build process in a design-build method. All types of educational, medical, commercial, and industrial institutions have been worked on by REDCOM architects. They take into account your future requirements and how your facility will be set up to accommodate development, if necessary. Because many of our clients are franchise affiliates, they are also well aware with the requirements for image-compliant facilities. Within the constraints of your budget and layout, they will fulfil your requirements and fulfil your aspirations. They have 13 internal designers on staff, including one fully qualified interior designer and one licenced architect. This team is led by Roberto Martinez, their head designer, who has worked with us since 2002. 95 percent of the facilities they construct are designed by our architectural team as an integrated design-build company.