How do we start a LLC in florida?

LC is an abbreviation for limited liability firm. It is a legal entity formed to conduct business. LLCs are hybrids in that they offer the pass-through tax benefits of a sole proprietorship or partnership while still providing the liability protection of a corporation. The LLC structure appeals to new business owners because it passes through profits to owners personally, preventing profits from being taxed twice as company profits and personal income when disbursed.A registered agent is required to start Florida LLC. In a nutshell, a registered agent is either an individual or a legal service agency that accepts official mail and correspondence on your behalf. In Florida, an owner or employee might serve as the registered agent. To qualify, the individual must be a Florida resident aged 18 or older with a physical address in the state. This is known as the “registered office,” and it can be the same as the address of your business. However, an LLC cannot act as its own registered agent. You may choose to choose yourself as the Florida LLC’s registered agent to save money, but this comes with additional responsibilities.

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What is Florida LLC?

A Florida LLC is a legal corporation founded in Florida that exists independently of its owners. The limited liability company (LLC) is the most common type of business structure for new firms because it offers more asset protection than a sole proprietorship or partnership while also providing more freedom than a corporation. While the Florida LLC shares characteristics with LLCs formed in other states, such as streamlined management, asset protection, and a simple tax structure, the absence of a state income tax in Florida makes the Florida LLC one of the least tax-burdened business entities available in the United States.You can incorporate your Florida LLC on your own or engage a professional incorporation agency, such as Sunshine Corporate Filings LLCĀ®. In either case, filing Articles of Organization with the Florida Division of Corporations and paying a $125 state filing fee is required for Florida LLC establishment. Obviously, we believe you should hire us. We’re inexpensive and efficient, and we can assist you in keeping as much of your personal information out of the public record as the state allows.