How to Decide Which Floor is Better in Condo Units

If you are upgrading to a condo unit, it is crucial that you know how to choose the best unit. The developers or real estate agents will simply tell you that any unit is perfect as long as the location of the building is centrally located. You have to know that choosing the right floor can affect your living experience.

You have to know that many people choose to buy a condo unit in a “hamburger” way. The “buns”, which are units located on top or ground floor are desirable; however, the “patties”, which are the middle units are not desirable. It is crucial that you understand why these properties are desirable.

Choosing a ground floor unit

Here are the pros of having a condo unit on the ground floor:

  • Better accessibility: being on the ground floor means you do not need to use the lift. With

this, you can easily go out without waiting in line. Living on the ground floor will save you major inconveniences in the future.
• Easy to clean outside surfaces: if you want to regularly clean your windows and the air conditioning compressors, you want to be close to the ground to clean it safely.
• You may have more space: if you are on the ground floor, you have PES (Private Enclosed Space). This will give you more space compared to other floors.
• It is safe for families with young children: if you have young children, choosing the ground floor is the prudent thing to do. Children are always curious, which means you should not risk it.

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Choosing a top floor unit

Now you know what to expect when choosing a ground floor unit. It is time to know the advantages of a condo unit on the top floor:
• Best views: the top floor without a doubt boasts of the best views. This is the reason why

many people consider top floors or penthouse units.
• Peaceful habitation: unlike the ground floor with too much foot traffic, the top floor is enticing because of its peaceful habitation. This also means that you are far from the grumble of MRT trains, honking of taxis and screeching of busses. If you are the type that loves silence, living on the top floor is perfect.
• More private: when you are on top, you do not need shades and curtains drawn. You are free to open the windows without fearing those who will peep.
• Breezier: units located on higher floors are airier or breezier. This is because there are no structures blocking the wind. As a result, it allows more light and air to get inside the unit.

So which is better? This will depend. If you are a homeowner, make a decision based on the family needs. If you have young children and the elderly, it is better to choose a ground floor unit. If you are an investor, make a decision based on the price histories or rental yields of the units on the top and ground floors. You can start with Mayfair Modern Condo.