Eight Pieces of Equipment Every Coffee Shop Needs

The equipment you need in your coffee shop will depend on the type of establishment you are creating and the premises you have, but there are some essential items that you will almost certainly want.

Coffee Machine

If you’re selling coffee, then you need a decent coffee machine that can deal with the number of customers you’re likely to have. Most shops will need a three-head machine unless there is likely to be fewer than 50 cups of coffee made each day.

Water Boiler

If you’re planning on serving tea too, then you will want a water boiler. There are many versions out there, but an instant system is the most convenient.


If you are taking your coffee seriously, then you need a minimum of two grinders, especially if you want to sell guest coffee or decaf. With grinders, you generally get what you pay for, and it can be worth spending as much as you can on this essential piece of kit.


You’ll need at least one blender if you want to do shakes or frappes. Go for a bigger motor if you can, and make sure that the jugs are easy to replace should something happen to the one you have.


You will most probably need one oven, but the type will depend on your shop. You may benefit from an industrial microwave. If so, choose one with at least 1500 watts and programmable settings. You may also need a convection oven if you want to bake cakes or bread.


Your furniture choice is important, as it can directly influence sales. If your area looks and feels good, it will encourage people to come through the door or to stay longer. The correct size of furniture will also ensure that you can maximise on the space you have available.

Refrigerators or Freezers

You will need refrigeration to keep food items and milk cool and safe, and you may also need a glass door refrigerator to act as a display unit. A glass door refrigerator can have multiple uses and may even remove the need for you to have more than one unit if space is short. Read more about refrigeration for food businesses at https://www.food.gov.uk/topic/storage-refrigeration.


A commercial dishwasher is essential if you want to keep your coffee shop clutter-free.