Is Every Food Packaging Multilingual?

Apart from safeguarding food products, food packaging has also become a marketing tool. It is the reason that the global food packaging industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.9%, from 304.98 billion USD in 2019 to reach 463.65 billion USD in 2027. With such exponential growth, there is a need for every food packaging to be multilingual for many reasons. In the UK and other EU countries, food packaging needs to comply with FIC or food information for consumers from December 2014. Hence it is mandatory to have all the precise information in multilingual or local languages to know and comply with the authorities. To learn more about every food packaging, you need to be multilingual continue reading:-

The need for excellent label translation

In February 2013, the UK was in the middle of a meat crisis. The wrong labeling of horse meat as beef caused many government concerns to put in place many regulations for food packaging information. It only increased the need for excellent translation across Europe and worldwide. The European food packaging market size grows at a CAGR of 3.1%, from 3,718.2 million in 2020 to 4,890.6 million by 2025. Hence, the demand for the best food packaging translation is rising in the UK and Europe.

Benefits of best label translation

Benefits of best label translation

In the UK, as per the law, the food and drink products need to have permanent labels that are visible easily for better reading and understanding of the information. It includes the food product name, weight, list of ingredients, expiry dates, and other allergic or not suitable for children or pregnant women warnings. Only the best label translation services can provide such precise information as required by law in the UK. Also, the best label translation for multilingual food packaging has many benefits:-

  • Provides multiple language information for permanent labels to reduce costs for selling products globally of even over ten languages
  • Includes the regional dialect like French versus Canadian French among others for better understanding of the local people
  • Offers the best legal accuracy to comply with the regulations and thus avoiding any issues that may damage the brand value along with sales of the food products
  • Provide design support label information to make the food packaging attractive with precise information to boost sales and as per the legal requirements
  • Offers the best local slangs with multilingual label translation to better communicate with the customers to increase the sales

Nowadays, food packaging has become one of the primary needs for all food products. Hence, having the best label translation services will help multilingual food packaging develop globally.