Mark Zamuner – An Inspirational Name In Marketing Consulting

Businesses often struggle with their marketing and advertising campaigns. Not all owners have the skills, experience, and business acumen to correctly create and plan their marketing campaigns. They need the expertise, guidance, and expert opinion of a marketing consultant aware of the latest tools and trends of the market. With this guidance, they can move ahead with their marketing and advertising campaigns to gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Mark Zamuner is the President of Two Nil- a leading marketing and advertising firm founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, California, USA. This firm is a growth consultancy that helps grow leading brands through optimization, media, and analytics. It is a credible guide to companies like Glassdoor,Dollar Shave Club, Bombas,Blue Apron, Experian, and more. It deals with growth strategies from the start to the end of execution, media activation, forecasting, needs for acquisition marketing, and more. It focuses on audience engagement, strategy development, analytics, and optimization. It is associated with companies in gaming, entertainment, eCommerce, media, and direct-to-consumer.

When it comes to the marketing industry, he is a leading name. He has been the mentor and guide to multiple blue-chip companies. They have been able to grow fast and scale higher. He founded Two Nil, after spending about 10 years in consumer marketing. This company was established to bridge the gap between the effective execution of investments for the media and strategic consulting.

Helping companies grow faster in the market

He says that most businesses, especially small units, generally do not have the budget to spend on extensive marketing and advertising campaigns. This is where they should focus on getting guidance from experienced and skilled marketing consultants to reach their company goals.

Skills needed for a marketing consultant

A good marketing consultant should have a blend of technical and soft skills to work effectively with clients. The professional needs to be well-versed with psychology, business communications, and marketing. Some experts have years of specialization in public relations, copywriting, online marketing, direct response, and non-profit marketing.

You should always hire a marketing professional who is aware of your targeted audience. The job needs a lot of practical and creative thinking knowledge. The onus of the professional is to focus on your business objectives over his personal goals.

Experienced marketing consultants are generally entrepreneurs with their businesses. You should bank on such an expert for your needs. Always bank on a professional with proven track records and positive reviews in the market. You will get the desired results if you hire a professional familiar with your targeted market’s consumer behavior. These marketing consultants should also manage reputation management and social media marketing.

Besides being a leading marketing consultant in the USA, Mark Zamuner has three children and loves spending time with them. All his children are teenagers. He has been a .500 coach for youth football for 8 seasons, and he enjoyed coaching his daughter and son in the sport too!