Selling products to customers is a task some people or firms are not down for, this needs excellent customer services that will retain good customer relationship with the seller. Customers need good welcoming and are treated nicely. The latter will motivate them to come back again and be regulars at the establishment. However, some sellers refute the fact that a customer remedy is an essential tool that can make them come back next time. The inappropriate treatment and  carelessly handling they subject to customers cultivates the business downfall https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/san-jose-bmw-customer-service-c953240.html Without considering what is appropriate or not pushes away their potential source of revenue and they end up accruing negative returns.

The famous San Jose BMW dealer in motorcycle and motorcycle parts has experienced bad reviews and rejection from customers. These are customers who have visited their outlets only to later lodge complaints that have discouraged potential buyers fro the premises. Their future, therefore, remains uncertain as the future expected turnout keeps reducing as more and more buyers become aware of the notable happenings at the establishment. The dealer experiences rejection from fear of poor services attributed to the negative reviews they get from their customers (https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/san-jose-bmw-customer-service-c953240.html). Even potential buyers already have a formed opinion of the services to expect at the infamous San Jose BMW dealer.

The outlet’s employees acts are costing the dealer, and soon they will be running in losses if no action is taken. A good example is that of a woman who visited the store with her sister. All they needed was to get a motorcycle suitable for her January break. The gentlemen at the outlet never gave them the chance to acquire whatever they came for or even get an overall knowledge of what it will take to see their needs appropriately satisfied. Instead, they offered critics to the products they sold without even noticing. They failed t notice their discrepancies by alluding that only masculine men could ride such bikes. The sexism shown in this context is not just an inappropriate business contact but also an insult to the customers. Their words and actions represent the organization as a sexist organization that is biased over who they offer they services too. Without further ado, we can conclude that same-sex couples and ladies, in general, will be afraid to stop at the doors of San Jose dealers as they will fear to be considered not good enough for the services offered. The latter represents a chunk of the market base that the firm will lose. Customers are like flowers, they just want to be treated nicely for the good name to spread, and sales to boom .you only have to consider what exactly made you open a business, it’s all about sales and profit.

The good name of the firm and the resultant sales are determined with customer services offered at the outlet’s shops. The employees at the dealership or becomes the faces of these services provided. Therefore their selection criteria matters as they represent the firm, thus wise selection through vetted strategy on performance is always advisable on employee selection.

Offering quality services that are customer based will attract more and more consumers. Even shops with the best services regarding quality and quantity the lack of proper employee rapport towards consumers will always deter their sales and growth. Employees are the best advertisers of any organization.