Portable Screens used for Trade Fairs

For trade shows, the best option is portable screens. They are very easy to handle and easy. Exhibitors usually choose portable screens because they are durable and very easy to transport. Frequently used portable screens are pop-up screens, desk accessories and banner stands. These portable screens have many desirable features, and each one changes from one to another during installation and the mechanism used.

Pop-up window: they look very attractive, and it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to install the configuration.

They come with spotlights for lighting, which makes them very popular. They are made with graphics and photos and have a straight or curved shape. Table top and accessories: they are used in tables in booths and stands. These accessories are used in places with limited space where it is not possible to use a large screen. Attractive fabric is used to display products. Graphic countertops, countertops that use fabrics, fabrics and tabletops for graphics and tables with graphics available on the market.

Pop-up tents: these are portable waterproof tents used for exhibitions. They are made of fabric panels and come in different sizes. Depending on the availability of space, you can choose these tents.

brochure holder stand

Panel systems: cabinets are made of solid wooden frames and covered with fabrics. Panels hinged on them to increase the durability of the panel system. Products are placed on these panels for viewing.

Signs: hanging frames made of aluminum frames. They are made resistant to fire to increase the duration of the product. These are hanging screens used at trade show off displays. They are available in various forms, such as triangle, square, halo, conical square and conical halo to meet the needs of the exhibitor.

Folding scoreboards: these are very flexible light panels. They are made of PVC frames and take from 10 to 15 minutes for installation.

Booklet dispensers are used to store materials on desktops and hanging screens. The main advantage of this is that they can contain brochures. There are many advantages to using brochure holder stand. They are very compact in size and very easy to move. They adapt to all types of transport, which makes them very desirable.


Installing portable screens on exhibition screens takes much less time. This is a great advantage, as in places as busy as this one you can see a simple setup method. They are very effective. The impact that these portable screens have on customers is very much due to the lighting they use. They are very versatile and offer high quality viewing. These systems are very beneficial when it comes to marketing methods.