Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – 3 Key Safety Tips for New Wood working Professionals

Woodwork can be an enjoyable hobby for most people who keen to create functional objects out of wood. These could include coffee tables, desks, rocking horses for children, nightstands, model aircraft, wood staffs, doormats, and kitchen utensils.  While pursuing their passion, these amateur artisans need to be careful when working with sharp hand tools and woodworking machines. Otherwise, they may end up suffering from severe injuries likes cuts, broken fingers, skewers, and puncture wounds. In the worst-case scenario, these aspirants may have to undergo amputations under the supervision of a qualified surgeon. This can ruin their overall experience and leave them to disable for life.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – What safety tips should amateur woodworkers keep in mind?

Steve Sorensen is a former aircraft mechanic from America who is currently pursuing his passion for woodwork. He specializes in constructing various kinds of wooden canes, prop wands, poles, staffs and other artistic items. In fact, he even enjoys teaching his woodworking skills to people who share his interests. He also loves to spend quality time with his grandchildren playing video games and reading them some of his favorite fantasy books. He believes it is never too late for people to try out their childhood hobbies on retirement.

The Steve Sorensen Select Staffing team of experts say woodworking can turn out to be a dangerous hobby to take up. Amateur woodworkers should use their common sense when using various sharp hand tools, hammers, and drilling machines. Above all, they should keep in mind the following three safety tips:

  1. Wear the right clothes

When undertaking woodwork projects, amateur woodworkers should avoid wearing loose-fitting garments. This is because they may risk entangling their attire in a saw blade with fatal consequences. These individuals should opt for clothes which they feel comfortable wearing and can protect them splinters and wood chips.  Moreover, they should also remove all kinds of dangling jewelry before entering the workshop.Safety Tips for New Wood working Professionals

  1. Disconnect the electricity supply when changing components of power tools

Amateurs woodworker may occasionally have to use various power tools to complete their projects. These implements normally include bench grinders, drill press, radial arm saw, wood router or sanders. When changing components or blades of these tools, they remember to disconnect the power supply. Otherwise, these woodworkers could end up losing one of their fingers.

  1. Using protective gear

In addition to wearing the right clothes, amateur woodworkers should also be using the right protective gear. When handling noisy power tools like sanders, they should cover their ear with high-quality ear muffs. Similarly, these individuals should also be wearing protective glass to avoid wood chips from entering their eyes when using saws.  Moreover, at the time of applying finishes to any surface, they should be wearing latex gloves.

Specialists in Select Staffing say woodwork can be an enjoyable hobby for most people to pursue. This is only possible when these amateur woodworkers keep in mind certain simple safety tips. They should never wear loose-fitting clothes and use the right protective gear before entering the workshop. These individuals should also be careful when handling sharp hand tools. Moreover, they should not forget to disconnect the electricity supply when changing blades of power tools.