The risks and tips for storing industrial chemicals safely

As part of their supply chain, chemical companies must ensure their products remain in perfect condition and are safe throughout the storage process. In this article, we will examine the main challenges of storing chemicals in an industrial setting and the key points that need to be considered when almacenaje de productos químicos in a warehouse safely.

Storage of chemicals and their organization

To appropriately design the warehouse and the almacenaje de productos químicos system, you must first know the type of chemical that will be stored. Various applications and uses are found in society today for chemical compounds produced in industrial or laboratory processes. Organic and inorganic chemicals are distinguished by the type of carbon in their composition and their chemical properties. In addition to their state of aggregation, which affects the volume and weight, solid, liquid, and gaseous products can also be differentiated by their condensation state. Chemicals are typically listed according to their type as follows:

  • Flammable liquids
  • Acids
  • Compressed gases
  • Hazardous volatile substances
  • Hazardous non-volatile liquid substances
  • Liquid bases
  • Liquid oxidants

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A careful understanding of the chemical compatibility of products is needed when installing an industrial rack to store chemicals. A chemical compatible with another will not cause corrosion or negatively change its characteristics if it comes into contact with them. Incompatible chemicals cannot mix, but if they do change, the warehouse must take special care to separate them to keep them safe.

Chemical storage risks and difficulties

This process is quite different from storing chemicals in a conventional warehouse due to many variables to consider. The main difficulties involved in safe chemical storage should be taken into consideration before analyzing what needs to be done:

  • A warehouse risk is greater the more chemicals it stores, which is why safety measures must be stricter the more chemicals it stores.
  • The operating conditions in warehouses will be harder due to increased hygienic conditions and the need for protective equipment (PPE).
  • Chemicals, safety, and occupational hazards must be thoroughly trained for every warehouse worker.
  • It will be a priority to control the inventory of chemicals during long-term storage, which will add to the risk of the installation.
  • Chemicals would likely explode or decompose if safety measures are not observed.
  • It is very important to inspect and maintain container loads, drums, and drums that contain chemical products because they are subject to degrading over time.