Top Interesting Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very popular these days among the other cryptocurrency. It saw it’s fortune around 2017. And even today, there are a lot of people still trying to use, invest, and trade bitcoin. All the history and facts aside, some things are interesting about this little coin. Whether they are true or not, it’s nice and entertaining to know that Bitcoin is some serious business.

As a decentralized digital currency with an impressive bitcoin rate, it’s still compelling to see stories and reviews behind working around Bitcoin. With over millions of users around the world, there’s gotta be something gripping that is bound to happen sometime or another. So here are some interesting facts about Bitcoin that you should know.

The present maximum number of bitcoins is not 21 million. It’s 20 million or around that number. Specific reports say that the last bitcoin amount will be mined around 2128 or 2140, but Satoshi has a block reward system, which makes the amount lower than expected.

Online users are throwing in their ideas as to who is Satoshi Nakamoto; the creator of Bitcoin, who remains unknown to this day. Others say that the name derived from the four tech companies. They are named below together with its corresponding name variant:

● Samsung: SA
● Toshiba: TOSHI
● Nakamichi: NAKA
● Motorola: MOTO

It is still an on-going debate, and Satoshi still yet to have a face.


The first Bitcoin purchase was with two pizzas amount to 10,000 BTC by a person name Hanyecz. He made the transaction on May 22, 2010, and until this day, it’s the most expensive purchase ever made in the food ordering history. But Hanyeczshyould should proud because ever since that date, every cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the world celebrates “Bitcoin Pizza Day” every 22nd of May.

As others are making money out of investing in bitcoin through trade, holding, and mining, others are making use of bitcoin. Many sellers today are making money by selling Bitcoin graphics cards and mining hardware, which are making a good profit these days.

Bitcoin is both traceable and untraceable. People have been arguing about the privacy of bitcoin. Though your identity is indeed private – you only have a product key as your identity – but people can still see your activity and the number of bitcoins you have online.

Once you lost your private key, you will lose your bitcoins. This is because even though your identity is protected from any online tracking, your bitcoins are still exposed. The only way to access it is through your private key. If you lost your key, you would lose everything.

Lastly, a Bitcoin can help you pay your bills, order food, and purchase other products online. This is simply can be done through merchants who have opened their doors to bitcoin payments.