What is a ventilation fan and where is it used?

What is a ventilation fan?

As you can probably guess from the name, a ventilation fan is used to ventilate any room in a commercial or residential setup. These fans work on bringing fresh air outside into the room. This is crucial so that the people working in the room do not keep on breathing in the stuffy, hot, and less oxygenated air, which will cause their body to have less oxygen, and they will start feeling tired and light-headed soon. These ventilation fan singapore are often set up in a room with tiny windows or no windows at all.

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Where are such ventilation fans used?

Some familiar places where these ventilation fans Singapore are used in a residential, as well as an industrial set up, include:

  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms of any place are one of the most crowded places. They have high moisture content due to the constant use of water in showers, taps, toilets, etc. This water and moisture lead to condensation on the tiles and mirrors, leading to the formation and growth of mold. This is highly unsanitary and can lead to various health problems. Ventilation fans for the bathrooms are the perfect solution because they constantly aerate the room and prevent mold. One should turn on the fan every time they take a bath.
  • Kitchen: This is another place that gets very hot and stuffy due to the constant smoke emitted while cooking. The smoke can be harmful to us and can cause the eyes to water and breathing problems. Hence, installing ventilation fans in the kitchen is a good idea as they get rid of this hot and smoky air while allowing fresh outside air to enter.
  • Industries and warehouses: These places are often devoid of windows or small ones that are not sufficient to create a good airflow. Hence ventilation fans are necessary for such sites. This allows the workers to get constant oxygen-rich air which helps in keeping their energy levels high throughout the day. The fans are also good at eliminating any harmful and toxic gases floating around.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals are constantly sprayed with disinfectants and other chemicals, which gives it the characteristic smell. Here more enormous windows are not optimal because they allow the entry of dirt and other substances which may be harmful. Hence, ventilation fans are preferred as they allow the fresh air to enter without unwanted substances.

Hence, ventilation fans are of great use in various departments and sectors and help maintain good overall health.