Tax Services in Brief

Reap the benefits of all the tax-saving available alternatives to you and your company to keep more of what you make. Experienced strategic and technical counsel can save you money, whether it’s lowering your tax burden or qualifying for tax services singapore for credits and incentives for your business.

A knowledgeable tax expert with the technical ability, knowledge, and strategic thinking to help you solve obstacles and take advantage of timely opportunities is required for successful tax planning. Moss Adams can give you individualized assistance wherever you live or conduct business—without losing the range of resources you’d expect from a more prominent firm—whether your demands are industry-specific or include personal income tax problems.

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By submitting such certifications, the submitter certifies that it has the necessary authority to do so, that the party for whom the submission is made is eligible, and that it will indemnify Globe Tax Services, Inc., the applicable depositary, the appropriate custodian, and others acting in reliance on them, directly or indirectly, for any inaccuracies.

Services for Taxes Assist the Fund’s Treasurer with the preparation and reporting of federal, state, and local taxes, including the following: calculating the allocation of fiscal and excise taxes; preparation and filing of federal, state, and local income tax returns, including tax return extension requests; preparation of year-end reporting statements for shareholders; provide appropriate amounts and characterizations of distributions declared during the calendar year for Forms 1099 reporting; review and determine distributions to be paid to shareholders regularly; consult with the Fund’s Treasurer on potential passive foreign investment companies; and o consult with the Fund’s Treasurer on various tax issues as they arise, as well as with the Fund’s outside auditors as needed.

SECRETARIAT, REGULATORY, AND CONSULTATIVE SERVICES FOR COMPANIES: Maintain the Fund’s good standing in its current state of the organization as necessary. Upon the Fund’s request, provide an Assistant Secretary. · Keep track of regulatory deadlines and Board approvals on corporate calendars. Prepare meeting materials for the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee every quarter, including scripts, agendas, resolutions, memoranda, and minutes.

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Spotlight on Tax Reform

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed new tax reform legislation known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It is the most significant overhaul of the federal tax law in more than 30 years. Explore the increasing number of publications and webcasts on our dedicated tax reform website to learn more about the consequences for you and your company in the coming years.