The best banks provides best banking experience

Each and every one of us are having our own savings account. Even the common people nowadays start their savings account in the nearby branch in order to maintain their money. The business people will start their current account in order to maintain all the transactions of their business. There are many banks which are available and the person can chose the bank which is convenient for them. There are many services which are provided by the banks to their customers. Customers of the bank not only means the account holders but also the people who have got various types of loans from the bank. They provide services which meet all the financial needs of the customer. The commonwealth bank fountain gate has many branches in different places. And the services which are provided also differ from one branch to another.

Services provided by the bank

When the customer is getting a very good banking experience they will stick on to the same bank forever. In order to retain the customers of the bank they provide many services such as

  • 24/7 banking services that is the customers can call through the toll free number and get the any type of services.
  • The bank is open in all Saturdays which is really very helpful for the working people who are holding the account in the bank.
  • There are coin count machine available in the banks so that the customer while depositing the money can use this machine for counting their money and then write the denomination.
  • They also provide services such as financial planner to the customers. The first analyse the situation and the needs of the customer and help them in planning their finance.
  • They also help the customers in exchanging the foreign currency. They can collect the travellers cheque online. The customer can also buy a travel money card in their branch.
  • They provide home loans, personal loans, and also other type of loans which are required by the customer. They get all the details of the customers who are going to get the loan and then provide them the loan.
  • They also provide net banking services and also provide mobile banking services to the customers. This in turn make their banking experience really very good and interesting.

The bank timings are also very much convenient to the customers as the timings is 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. The people who are working also can plan according to the timings and go to the bank for their work. If any other special service is required by the customer they can contact the branch head and then get their help in that case.