Health insurance plan – outpatient insurance in Singapore


Singapore is a country that has a world-class healthcare system along with a healthcare infrastructure that consists of facilities that offer high-quality medical care with a level of comfort and service. According to the immigration status, the plans of insurance, as well as the benefits, will be varying. It is very much important and a crucial aspect for an individual to get insured and in particular with the GP as well as specialist coverage should be included in the health insurance when moving into a new country especially Singapore. One such insurance plan which covers the General practitioner, as well as the specialist Healthcare, is the outpatient insurance plan Singapore, and this will be providing the best level of healthcare that is required.

Expat insurance coverage for health

The team of the Expat insurance has a span of many years’ experience in working with the corporates as well as the individuals on the various kinds of General practitioner as well as the outpatient services and this will be providing the best concern and care that is needed. If you are interested and would like to know about these insurance matters you can schedule a consultation and have the discussion regarding the specialist as well as the outpatient insurance coverage so that you can apply on your current plan for the health coverage insurance in Singapore.

outpatient insurance plan singapore

It is very much necessary to have outpatient medical insurance particularly if you are living in Singapore. In general, there will be a General practitioner for the family, but it is very much rare to find such a General practitioner in continuity in Singapore and have a patient follow up the relationship. This means a lot for the people to have an ongoing follow up and support relationship with the specialist and GP. In this case, it is very much important and gets suggestions and recommendations from the team of the Expat insurance and they help in integrating a General practitioner and the specialist plan into the present or the current health insurance which you have.

The team of the Expat insurance will be recognizing that it is very much important for the families who are having the kids or the young children and they may be on the vaccinations or the immunization schedules that have been started in another country. This makes parents be worried regarding the continuity of the vaccination schedules in Singapore.


The outpatient care will be covering the treatment that will not be requiring admission in the hospital or the medical facilities stay and the patient wouldn’t be taking up so long time in the hospital as in the inpatient care and compared the treatment, as well as the process, are cheaper. The coverage for the outpatient insurance plan will be including the cost of the GP as well as the specialist cost.