How to execute brand activation campaign

Customers who want to touch things and experience the feel are more inclined to have a feeling of belonging and hence are seen to be more likely to purchase the goods, according to advertisers. Brand activation is a new idea that aims to create a lengthy intimate attachment between the product and the customer. It has become so popular that you will find several advisors about it in the market. Alexei Orlov is the best advisor you can find in the market. Which doesn’t have to be done through physical interaction; it might be done through targeted giving the customer an encounter.

  • The latest ‘Shot on apple device advertisement’ is an example of brand activation. Apple requested genuine iPhone 6 customers to upload photographs and videos recorded on their smartphones as part of the project, and a chosen handful of these contributions were broadcast on television. The goal is for targeted customers to be able to ‘encounter’ the device’s attractiveness and consequently feel a sense of belonging to it than they did previously. Although brand activation is a modern phrase in the marketing lexicon, the principle has been around for a long time. Free service freebies that are commonly handed free in stores were initially intended to guilt-trip customers into reciprocating by purchasing something in return.

Alexei Orlov

  • Free things, on the other hand, present these customers with the chance to try the item and so improve the chances of buying a product. According to some research, the rate of conversions from free products might be as significant as twenty to thirty percent. Knowing the trigger points for your customer, the competitive environment, and determining the relevant Metrics are all important aspects of an effective brand activation project. Trigger factors are characteristics that cause a customer to ‘awaken’ and pay attention to your ad.
  • When Tribord, a business that develops water sports gear, sought to sell its flotation jackets, they walked all around harbor delivering saltwater disguised as a beverage to unsuspecting passers-by. Consumers were reminded about sinking in Tribord’s advertising, and sipping seawater was a crucial “hook” that enabled Tribord to promote their goods. While it’s critical to develop a promotional triggering, it’s also critical to ensure that the spark is distinct enough to stand out above all the commercial junk that a customer is subjected to. Examine and analyze the environment to learn about the numerous marketing efforts that your competitors are running. 


Hope the above information helps you in executing the brand activation program.