Ways to promote your startup

In those earlier days, it was difficult and costly to set up an elaborate marketing and advertisement strategy, especially for startups. The regular methods were printed in papers, magazines and manually distributing flyers etc.
The Internet made the world a global village. Now, you don’t have to go printing flyers, instead, you can simply use the internet to market your product. Amazingly there are several ways in which you can market your product without it costing you anything. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

1- Register on Local listings

You can register yourself with Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Microsoft’s Bing services. These help to display your business on search engines and google maps.

The procedure is not lengthy and only requires a short signup and verification. This is a great way to become visible locally.

2- Social media

Anyone who lags behind in the field of social media advertisement today misses out on a lot. It is important for you to have a Facebook page with relevant advertisements, Instagram with relevant pictures, Twitter for direct customer contact and links through LinkedIn with other companies. If it is too hard for you, kingsofroi are specialized in doing it for you.

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3- Blogging

You can set up a blog to make your product more interactive. Post relevant posts and keep your blog thoroughly updated to get the best out of it. You can incorporate ads and product pictures on the blog to increase your visibility as well.

4- Use Multimedia

People often find this one hard since not all of us are designed to make videos. Kingsofroi can provide you great advice on this one. Setting up short promotional videos can be very effective. It doesn’t have to be like standard advertisements. Simple but informative stuff can do the trick. You can hire professionals to do it for you too.

5- Seach Engine Optimization

Use SEO techniques in order to get your website on top of searches. This can be done using appropriate keywords on your website. Easy guides to SEO writing are available both online and offline. Make use of them.

6- Online communities

It is worthwhile to join online communities that deal in products or niches similar to your products. These communities can usually be joined for free. You can make beneficial contributions and use them as advertisement points for your product through links. You can also post news about your business in these communities.
Using these simple and free techniques, you can successfully campaign for your product for free. Give it a try.