SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing is the process of acquiring internet traffic from the search results on search engines. All the leading search engines –Google, Yahoo, Bing- provide search results ranking them according to relevance.

Apart from providing information, the internet today is largely used in marketing. Internet Marketing has become wide spread globally as business owners turn to it abandoning the traditional marketing methods. Companies are able to gain clients and traffic through the internet.

What is Contractor SEO?

For most contracting business mastering the Internet is not always a high priority. A SEO marketer subsequently takes over this task. By using tactics such as pop-up ads, optimized keywords the marketer is able to drive traffic to a particular website.

Depending on the services offered by the contractor a marketer will use that in the SEO. For instance if a contractor works on customized furniture then words like ‘Best customized furniture’ or ‘New customized furniture’ can be included in the websites landing page.

Some factors to consider while undertaking a Contractor SEO campaign are

  • Updating the contractor’s website
  • Optimizing content in the website
  • Creating quality content for the website
  • Linking the website to social media accounts
  • Distribute relevant content on a regular basis

Some potential clients search for a website in order to acquire the contacts. It is therefore essential to optimized content to influence the website’s rank in the search results. As a contractor you will definitely offer several services of which you will need to advertise on your website. Strategically add a web page for each of the services.

SEO website content for Contractors

  • When clients land on a particular page from a search result they expect to find relevant content that will reassure them convincing them they have found the best the service provider.
  • Considering the fact that search engines rank web pages instead of websites, having several web pages with relevant content is important. The more pages your site has the higher the chances of a high rank among the search results.
  • Another method to influence ranking in Contractor SEO is through the use of backlinks. Backlinks can be simply described as linking a website to another.When you get backlinks from high ranked sites, your site will also be perceived as more professional and will be ranked higher in the search results. Backlinks can be through authoritative sites such as local companies and media.
  • Also consider adding some visuals, videos and images, to your site as this can be more appealing. Majority of viewers easily tire from reading plain text they would rather watch a video.
  • Consistency is important in Contractor SEO as other similar service providers are also working on improving their rankings. Therefore provide regular content updates to keep the traffic flowing to your site.